Astage Active Stocker 400X NT Green Imported Japan 22L

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  • Tough and stable! Can be also used as step stool or bench.
  • The popular series in Japanese market for using people who is especially in agricultural worker, truck driver, camper, and person who do the outdoors.
  • And there are people installs this series the back of motorbike as storing.
  • Maximum weight bearable by lid is approximately 80 kg, allowing for use as a table or even seating as needed. Maximum weight of item(s) stored inside of container is approximately 20 kg.
  • Inner dimensions: W 28.6 x D 28.6 x H 28.2cm
  • Brand:Astage
  • JAN/EAN/UPC code:4991068167742
  • Case Quantity:6/case


To create an enjoyable future (Astage) and work with a sense of joy and excitement (Job Enjoyment) is our aim.

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Active Stocker 400X NT Green
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產品尺寸40 × 38 × 33.3 cm
材質PP / ABS resin
產地Japan, Niigata
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